Career Continuum


You’re thinking about a career or job change, but you’re feeling a little unsure of yourself. “Are my skills good enough?”; “I want something different, but am I up to the challenge of change?”; “I should just ride out my time where I am”; “My dream is too big”, etc. Participate in this group coaching program to adjust your mindset and get your head in the game. Set yourself up for success.


You’re ready for a change but are unclear on the direction in which you want to go. I offer one-on-one coaching plus several tools and exercises to get the clarity you need to position yourself to move forward.


Maybe you’re changing careers. You may be changing employers. I can help you prepare for and conduct your job search—from preparing for networking to getting ready for interviews. We’ve got tools and techniques to support your search.


You’re in the career you want, working for your employer of choice, and you want to deepen one or more of your leadership skills, or you need help in changing some behaviors so that you can be more effective. We have tips, tools, techniques, and assessments to help you make the changes you desire.