Take Charge of Your Career


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This group is for professionals who want to be excited about their careers and jobs again; feel valued in their workplaces; want to stop bringing that career dissatisfaction home to family and friends. It doesn’t have to be that way and you don’t have to live like that.



You were created to be fully engaged in your gifts and talents. You were created to do good work. You can have a career or job you enjoy. Work CAN equal fun. You were created to want fulfilling work. You deserve to be vibrantly engaged. You deserve to thrive and succeed.

I want to help you imagine your possibilities; overcome the roadblocks you see; and reach out for your dream career. Part of how I’m doing that is to create this space for you and others to come together to engage, share ideas and useful information, and if needed, to vent. Ultimately, if you need a shift in mindset to quiet your inner critic; develop the confidence and courage to make a change, you can find that here. You don’t have to be one of the 60% - 70% who hate Sunday nights and dread Monday mornings because they are dissatisfied with their careers.

I can help you take control of your career, get back in touch with the value you bring, and have a career you love to get up for each day.
Love Monday through Friday as much as you do Saturday and Sunday. Love what you do!