What our clients are saying . . . 



"I highly recommend Deirdre as she provides encouraging support while asking thoughtful questions that bring new insight and awareness!"

Mary M.



"Deirdre is a fantastic coach. She helped me approach the issues I brought to our meetings in a new way that helped me to achieve my desired results. Client-centered and extremely responsive."

Alexis C. 


"Deirdre McGee is an excellent coach. She is fully grounded, confident and aware of her value without ever being arrogant. A coaching relationship is very personal and because I fully trust her, and she always treats me with respect, we are able to move forward in the direction I wish to go and fulfill the goals I have for myself. She opens my mind and heart to new possibilities and helps me leave my burdens behind me. She has helped me tremendously, not by telling me what to do but by helping me see for myself what needs to be done and how I might get there."