Welcome To Your Private Client Website



This is the secured area where you'll find the tools, forms, schedules, documents and resources that will be used in this coaching experience.  Anyone accessing this area must have a unique username and password to gain entry.  At your convenience, you may access this "Private Client Website" area to access, review and/or update the tools, documents, resource, etc. that we'll be using through our coaching.

Through this Private Client Website, I will provide you with a specific tool to support you in preparing for your coaching sessions so you can leverage every minute we spend together. I will also provide you with another specific tool to support you after our coaching session is complete; this will keep the coaching going into your everyday life.  And in between each coaching session, you will have access to me via email and a Client Log tool so that at any time you have questions, become stuck or care to share victories I am available to you.

Mid-Level Managers

Do you ever feel like you are sandwiched between the misaligned expectations of upper management and the groups/teams you lead?  Perhaps you’re growing frustrated with the constant juggling act.  Or maybe you’ve become numb to the voice in your mind that keeps telling you that you’re not spending enough time developing your team or yourself.

There are things Mid-level managers can do to ease the stress. CLICK HERE for a How-To Guide to help you get started.